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SaveNishabd – India’s first crowdfunding platform for stray dogs

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SaveNishabd, India’s first crowdfunding platform for the voiceless strays, launched by Ramagya Group, has emerged as a revolutionary one-stop place where animal lovers can make their voices heard and get fellow animal lovers to donate. The goal of this initiative is to make sure that no animal is left unattended because of a lack of funds.

SaveNishabd is playing a vital role amidst the critical scenario of stray life in Indian as India is currently home to over 35 million stray dogs, a number that’s grown by 17 per cent since 2016. Most of these strays spend lives mostly scavenging for food, fighting diseases, and surviving somehow in the hazardous environment around them. Amongst them, almost 80% of stray puppies die within a week or month due to hunger, cold, and road accidents. The remaining 20% hardly cross the age of two years due to lack of nutrition and ailments. To meet the fundraising requirements for the welfare of such strays, SaveNishabd has come up as a tool to empower all such organizational entities whose voice and efforts sometimes get drowned because of not reaching the right audience.

According to Utkarsh Gupta, Managing Director, Ramagya Group, “Animal lovers across the world leverage crowdfunding platforms to raise funds for the voiceless strays. However, most of these popular crowdfunding platforms often turn out to be a bane for many and a boon for some. On the contrary, SaveNishabd is formed on the belief that with every small amount of money contributed by the benevolent individuals, saving and nurturing the lives of the strays becomes easier.”

Even though there are various platforms available for mass funding, fundraisers are often unable to mark their presence on the platform as the donors go adrift in the sea of various other causes. A working solution to this is to concentrate on one subject which indirectly helps in not divulging resources to any other cause. Such initiatives have been taken elsewhere in the world like the USA and UK, where there are portals specifically designed and dedicated to a single cause. In India, one such platform has emerged to raise a voice specifically for the welfare of stray dogs as SaveNishabd.

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At various other platforms while making donations the major concern of the donors remain the lack of a system to ensure that their donation is actually serving the cause and is not diverted elsewhere. Whereas on SaveNishabd, the donors can contribute to a cause with full confidence and their robust due diligence process covers the legal, compliance, financial, and impact checks for each donation made. Donors on this platform can rest assured that their donation is reaching the right hands and fulfilling their intended purpose.

Although stray dogs are widely feared because some carry rabies, for the most part, India’s street dogs are not aggressive and will only bite if provoked. Indeed, many are fearful of humans and sadly, the dogs’ fears are well-founded. According to SaveNishabd, “it’s our moral duty to work towards improving the living conditions of stray and abandoned dogs and also provide them with quality medical treatment. Together let’s inspire the citizens of our country to be sensitive towards the strays and act as change-makers in the society in providing a positive environment to the homeless dogs living on the streets.”

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