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New tools from 2pdf.com: split, merge and compress

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2pdf.com is always around when you are going through PDF issues. It’s a handy free tool capable of performing various operations on PDF files and their number is getting bigger. The online service could help you to convert, edit or even delete PDF pages. But recently the online platform came up with new features. Now the users are able to compress, split and merge PDF files. Here is a brief review of those services.

  • Compress PDF

This one helps to reduce PDF size. When is it needed? Especially when you are tending to send a bunch of files via email. No worries, the PDF file doesn’t lose the information it contains. You can adjust the output file size you want to end up with and 2pdf.com gets the rest of the job done. The algorithms work fine saving the best quality and the user gets the smallest file with the best quality possible.

  • Split PDF

It may happen that you need to work with a single PDF page or a range of pages but a whole file. This is where you need a split PDF tool. Go to 2pdf.com, click Split PDF, upload your file, choose the pages you’d like to split and leave the rest to the platform. Seconds later you will be enjoying downloading your files that contain only those PDF pages you need. Perfect.

  • Merge PDF

An opposite operation. You have two, three, four (no matter how many) PDF files you need to put together. Easy task for 2pdf.com. Merge as many PDF files as you want absolutely free without downloading bulky software.

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There is still a bunch of tools and functions 2pdf.com teams is going to release soon. Take a look: password your PDF, unlock it, add watermark, extract images, add page numbers and moreover. Everything in one place, online and absolutely free.

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