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New born girl bartered to pay for hospital bill

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In a bizarre case of sale of a human child, a couple in Bongaigaon district of Assam a couple bartered off their newborn girl to a wealthy childless family willing to pay the private hospital bills for the Caesarian delivery.

Sabita and her husband Philip, a daily wage earner, were unable to pay the bill of Rs 29,000 raised by the private hospital in Assam for the delivery of their first child a baby girl – through Caesarian section.hqdefault

The bill of Rs 29,000 was beyond the means of the couple. Phillip was not in a position to pay the bill from his pocket but the hospital too was not willing to allow them to leave without paying its dues.

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That is when a nurse and some others in the hospital planted the idea in Sabita and Philip’s mind to barter the baby to some other desperate couple in lieu of the hospital bill.

Accordingly a childless couple willing to go ahead with the barter deal was found in Baksa district.

On the day of the deal, the childless couple duly paid hospital expenses and in return got the custody of the baby girl  — from Sabita and Philip.

But their joy was shortlived. As the news of the barter deal spread, the district administration swung into action and took over custody of the baby girl from the adoptive couple. They were not ready to give away custody of the child they had paid for but finally agreed when told of the legal implications.

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The infant is now being kept in a government foster home till an appropriate court decides who should get her custody.

Legally speaking there is a procedure for child adoption in India. Without following the norms, a child cannot be bought sold, gifted or given away to anyone under any circumstances.

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