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Medpiper launches Mscribe online prescription tool for doctors

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MedPiper Technologies has launched MScribe, an online prescription builder tool for doctors, to improve their treatment methods during the pandemic.  Packed with all the essential inputs like patient history, unique patient IDs, and medicine consumption slots, MScribe will help to ensure that doctors provide the right treatment, clearing the confusion when it comes to the right medicine and dosage.

Nitthin Chandran, Co-founder and CEO, MedPiper Technologies said, “MScribe is a pioneer, one-of-its-kind product in the medical industry. The online tool will offer a less tedious method to preserve all your prescriptions in one place, for future consultation purposes. It also helps in constant communication between doctors and patients to update each other regarding any illness.”

Automation of prescriptions will make it easier for doctors to keep a check on their patients, and eliminate manual records, which will be the shift to the newer, tech-savvy generation of doctors. MScribe stores all the prescriptions in one place under a unique ID, thereby allowing the doctor to access the patient’s medical history and additional relevant data whenever they need to.


MScribe also comes with free cloud access, a follow-up scheduler, an integrated chatbot for patient communication, and medical supply references apart from its security and privacy features, ensuring that the patient’s information is shared only with the doctor who is treating them and not an external source. The prescription builder also warrants the legibility of prescription records that helps patients to order the right medicines online as well as at the pharmacies.

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“While we are building a one-stop solution for automating prescriptions, we also take great care to ensure that our product is constantly evolving, with innovations brought in by user feedback, as well as regular mandates.” Pranay Suyash, Co-Founder and CTO, MedPiper Technologies added. “This is what sets us apart from everyone else. While we are about making jobs simpler, we are also all about the human touch.”

Currently, there are only a few products in the market that offer prescription automation only as a part of their expensive bouquet of CRM and claims management tools for big brand hospitals. MedPiper’s prescription builder is not just for big hospitals but also for mid-size and small hospitals and clinics throughout India.

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