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InGenius Prep—one of the fastest growing companies in America

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InGenius Prep ranked top 15% in the list of the highly prestigious and fastest growing companies in America. Apart from this, InGenius Prep ranked as 15th fastest-growing education company and the top college admission counseling company.

Founded at Yale in 2013, and operating around the world, InGenius Prep’s team of experts has helped countless students unlock their potential and get into their reach schools. Currently, in its fifth year, InGenius Prep now has 8 offices in 4 countries and has seen its revenues grow over 750 percent the past three years.

The Company with the largest team of former admissions officers from top schools in the world, boasts of 98% acceptance rate and getting students admitted to top colleges like Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Stanford.

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“We are thrilled to be ranked on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies,” said InGenius Prep Co-founder and CEO, Joel Butterly.

“We’ve come so far and we look forward to continuing to help students reach their goals for college, graduate school, and beyond,” Butterly added.

“In addition to the United States, we have worked with students from China, Canada, India, and many EU countries, and we have plans to expand into Los Angeles and Vancouver,” Butterly said.

Last year, InGenius Prep had students get into every top-20 school. These included 2 into Princeton, 4 into Yale, 3 into Stanford, and 9 into Penn.

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InGenius Prep’s services expand beyond admissions counseling, as they now provide internships, mentorships, and writing classes.

“We are looking to give our students the absolute best services that meet their needs, and we are excited to pursue more opportunities for our students – such as test preparation and career counseling – that not only helps them achieve their educational goals, but also their career goals,” said Butterly.

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