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Guard yourself against problems, sugar addicts!

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If you are constantly craving sweet foods, you are a sugar addict! Beware against headaches and brush your teeth well, says an expert.

Online food delivery marketplace, Foodpanda’s spokesperson Rashika Yadav, has listed down the problems such addicts have to go through:

* Headaches: Those who gobble too much of sugar foods tend to suffer headaches when their body misses it.

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* Collapsing: Not eating sweets will eventually lead to collapsing of the individual. That is when the need to take in more sugar arises, to keep yourself going.

* Brushing your teeth constantly: Because keeping the cavities away is also important, brushing teeth is extremely necessary.

* Toothaches: Tooth pain is a common occurrence among sweet lovers. Even if you brush with utmost dedication, you can’t help toothaches if your teeth are sensitive.

* Facing embarrassing situations: You reach out for doughnuts when everyone on the table is eating sandwiches, or there are times when people ask you if you would like to have some food or drink to go with all the sugar.

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* Bad skin: A sugar-loaded diet is bound to show up on your face — be it in form of pimples or zits.

* Water: Sugar addicts need to consume more water which they do not.

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