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First of its kind spiritual healing centre to come up in Bangalore by 2019

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Imagine a holy place where the doors are always open. A place, where anyone and everyone — irrespective of religion, caste or creed can walk in. A place where all ailments, diseases or problems get cured without any medicine. The best part of it all is that there is no magic or elaborate rituals to be performed.

It is not a temple, but a laboratory where the ultimate, eternal and supreme cosmic powers do the healing. It is one of those places that make you realize that there is so much that humans alone can’t do and need a divine intervention.

These are some of the things that are going to make the Om Mahashakti Peeth spiritual healing center near Bangalore a unique, one of its kind places in the world. It is at presently under construction and likely to be complete by 2017.

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The spiritual healing center is going to be different — out of this world monument based on pure science, which when complete, will make you look at ancient Indian science, medical know-how and temple architecture in a totally different perspective.

Social reformer, Karmayogi and Saint Dr Narayan Savant

The Om Mahashakti Peeth spiritual healing center is the brainchild of well-known social reformer, karma yogi and Saint Dr Narayan Savant who has selflessly devoted the last 38 years serving people in pain and suffering.

He was honored by President Pranab Mukherji for his selfless services to the humanity in May 2013. A practicing homeopath and spiritual healer, he has been providing free treatment and meditation techniques to people.

According to Dr Savant one day in the year 1999, when he was frustrated, at people not being willing to do free service, the Mother Goddess appeared before him and asked him to build a place for her to reside. Dr Narayan who himself did not have a place to stay at that time could not fulfill the dream.

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Dr Savant
A practicing homeopath and spiritual healer Dr Narayan Savant is a different kind of Saint whose sole mission in life for the last 38 years has been to serve people in pain and suffering without expecting anything in return. The picture shows him being honored by President Pranab Mukherji for his selfless services to the humanity on May 2013.

Since that day things began to change around him. The ITI factory where he was working closed down so he took voluntary retirement and used his post-retirement benefits to purchase land in the outskirts of Bangalore. Very soon he was able to build an ashram called Tapovan and a homeopathic clinic on the spot.

This is when the Mother Goddess appeared again and repeated her demand. This was the motivation behind the construction of the spiritual healing center. The Mother Goddess reportedly shared all details about how she wanted the Om Mahashakti Peeth spiritual healing center to be built.

The Mahashakti Peeth will have a Srichakra on the ground floor and a statue of Supreme Mother Goddess at a height of nine feet on the first floor.

Unlike most temples that have just one door, the Mahashakti Peeth will have two doors- one for entrance (facing east) and the other for exit (facing west). The entrance will be symbolic of the Lion’s mouth and the exit symbolic of the cow’s mouth. As soon as people enter, the Lion mouth will consume the Kaam, krodh and other negative instincts. In other words, the journey towards getting healed and getting rid of the problems will start from the moment the person steps in.

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After that as soon as people enter the inner hall their glance will fall on the Srichakra. They would then go to the first floor and bow before an idol of Ganesha and Supreme Mother Goddess. The devotees would then come down and perform Parikrama of the Srichakra. While doing the Parikrama, the rays of the sun reflected by a huge crystal (just like a magnifying glass) will fall on the Srichakra. It will combine the power of the Sun, the Srichakra and create energy waves that will affect the Panch Maha Tattva or the five elements that form our bodies. Apart from this the crystal will generate seven colors that will act as color therapy and help to create the physiological ambiance for changing a person’s mental state and beginning the process of healing.

The crystal will be designed in a manner that its reflection multiplies the effect of the Parikarma in a manner that one Parikarma is equal to performing the Parikarma for 365 days.

The exit gate symbolic of the Cow’s mouth will have a statue of Dattatreya a Hindu deity considered to be an avatar (incarnation) of Hindu gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, collectively known as Trimurti.

It is symbolic of seeking the blessings of gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva and Guru Dattatreya while coming out.

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