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Collegedunia campus ambassador program

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Collegedunia is a leading EdTech company in India that boasts of nearly 1.5 million visitors every month. The Online Education Website recorded about 21 million visits last year. You will find all information related to colleges, exams, courses, visa application rules and many more. When Online Study is in trend in times of pandemic, Collegedunia has offered stupendous service through various initiatives. One such initiative is the Campus Ambassador Program.

Besides browsing the portal for information related to exams, colleges and courses, students can share their thoughts and experiences about a specific college and its courses through Collegedunia’s Campus Ambassador Program. And, guess what! You will be rewarded for sharing your reviews!

This is how Collegedunia recognizes every student who writes a quality review. Through this, students also get trained in various skills required to survive in their relevant industries. Currently, the Campus Ambassador community is 5000+ strong and is growing ever since. Scroll down to know more on Collegedunia, how to get Rewarded by writing  Excellent Reviews through the Collegedunia Campus Ambassador Program, and many more.

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Collegedunia: India’s No. 1 College Review Portal

Well, it is essential to know about Collegedunia before you subscribe to its services and initiatives. Collegedunia is India’s No. 1 College Review Portal. The EdTech firm boasts of the highest number of reviews in the category with 3 lakh reviews for 17,000 colleges and universities across India. Also, the Study Abroad section is having 4,000 subscribers per month for counselling.

Most importantly, you will get absolute information on any college, course and exams both in India and abroad. If planning to pursue BTech or BCA or BBA or BA after 12th, you can access all relevant information from the website.

The course section offers you a complete guide on the following – eligibility, “how to apply”, “how to prepare”, syllabus, entrance exams, top colleges, placements, scholarships, etc. Similarly if you are looking for information on JEE Main 2021 or NEET 2021, you will get a similar guide on the same.

Collegedunia thus covers all your education needs starting from entrance exams to college admissions. This is why Collegedunia attracts more than 1.4 million traffic every month. Collegedunia also earned Rs. 73 crores as turnover between 2019-20 fiscal year despite of COVID-19 Lockdown and business uncertainties. Recently, the EdTech firm tied up with Bennett University before Digital Marketing partnership.

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Collegedunia Campus Ambassador Program – How to write a good review?

Before joining the program it is important for a future Campus Ambassador to know how to write a good review. To write a review, one must be extremely honest with the information they write. The information should not be anything that does not belong to a particular college.

Write a review on Collegedunia – click here

Students must always write the correct information. For example – Vivekananda College in Kolkata does not have a dedicated placement cell, so if a student is from that college, please skip the placement part. Do not write unnecessary information which is not true about the college.

Apart from this, the tone should be formal while writing the reviews. The review should ooze class and must be authentic. The language should not be casual and foul. The review will be a reflection of the college or university itself but in your own words.

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The content should not be plagiarized or copy-pasted. It should be written on its own by the students. A typical format of the review to be written by a Collegedunia Campus Ambassador is mentioned below. Suppose the review topics are IIM Bangalore MBA, then the structure to be followed will be:

  1. Remarks: Here students will have to give an overview of the topic, like MBA eligibility, admission process and placements.
  2. Course Overview: It will contain details about IIM Bangalore course.
  3. Internships: Campus ambassadors will have to write about internship opportunities here.
  4. Placements: All details about placements should be mentioned here. The type of write-up will be like a review.
  5. Scholarships: One must write about Scholarships offered by IIM Bangalore here.
  6. Campus Life: Mention everything about life on the campus while studying there.
  7. Interview Experience: Share the interview experience as a review here.

We have shared the snapshots of the IIM Bangalore MBA Review here for reference.

How to get your reviews approved?

  • The Review must be unique and nicely written.
  • It should adhere to the topic.
  • Must have facts relevant to the Topic.
  • It should not be copy-pasted and spammy.
  • No foul or casual language.
  • Genuine contact details.

Features of a good review

  • First, the information provided must be honest and credible. For example, if your college doesn’t offer placements or a specific course, please don’t mention otherwise.
  • The focus should be on quality writeup with plenty of relevant facts on the topic.
  • The facts should be in the form of College Ranks, Placement Data, Class Profile, Fees, and etc.
  • Statements like “Most Prestigious Colleges” are generic. Please avoid them.
  • Your review can be Exceptionally Good to Critically Bad (based on your experience).
  • Foul and Casual languages like – “Arrey Yaar! or Boss!” should be avoided. Avoid using short forms of words or sentences.
  • Remember, a good review will fetch better rewards.
  • Please note that students will have to write a review on 7 out of 13 questions.

Rejection of Reviews

  • Absence of quality information
  • Eligibility criteria not met
  • Spammy and Repetitive content
  • Foul and casual language
  • Incorrect contact information

Rewards for reviews

After getting an idea about this fascinating initiative from Collegedunia, you must be eager to know the reward structure and certifications. For each approved review, Rs. 20 to 200 will be paid for reviews on India and 2 to 5 USD for Abroad respectively. The students will also be paid Rs. 10 to 100 or 1-2 USD for each referral. Adding to that there are rewards for Monthly & Quarterly Top Performers.

What else is on offer in the Collegedunia Campus Ambassador Program?

The Collegedunia Campus Ambassador Program identifies and recognises smart and dedicated college students to train them with relevant opportunities to learn various industry-relevant skills. Along with cash rewards for excellent reviews, one will get certified as well. Read further down to know more about the scope of the program.

  1. Internship Certificate or LOR
  2. Webinars and Counselling sessions for Free
  3. Attractive Collegedunia Merchandise
  4. Subscription Vouchers (Free)
  5. Featuring on Collegedunia
  6. Social Media shout-outs
  7. Internship opportunities at Collegedunia

Things to do as Campus Ambassador

The obvious question now among students will be what to do as a Campus Ambassador. So, let’s find out below:

  • Referrals – Well, this is one of the classical ways to earn cash. So you can refer your friends to join this program and earn rewards through it.
  • Collab – It is a unique platform to build relationships and partnerships for Collegedunia with like-minded individuals within your college or university. So, the Campus Ambassador program encourages students to involve people and communities from their colleges to build relationships with Collegedunia.
  • Guest Interviews – Through this activity, you can conduct faculty and student interviews of your institute. This will leverage mutual learning and knowledge sharing about your college (Like, Campus, Courses and Welfare Initiatives).
  • Representation – You can represent Collegedunia on your campus and share a video on campus tours or write a review article.

The idea is to be genuine and honest with your efforts while writing a review, and Collegedunia is there to appraise you. You can earn loads of cash rewards through your reviews and get certified as well. The Campus Ambassador program will not only help you professionally but will also build a community of like-minded people from your college and university.

The immediate effect of this will be that your college or university is getting a presence on the Collegedunia website. This will help to increase your college’s reach and increase potential students in the future. So, hurry up and , write excellent reviews and get recognized!

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