Indian mining industry in the eyes of a storm?

The Indian mining industry can make magic happen and catapult India to colossal heights as a US$ 5 trillion economy. It can directly employ 48 lakh people and indirectly create 5 crore jobs by 2025 but that's only possible if it survives...

Consumer Protection Act, 2019- a landmark in the Consumer rights movement in India

The Consumer Protection Act, 2019 provides for a Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) as the much needed regulatory body to promote, protect and enforce the rights of consumers.

Global streaming consumption up 63%, but advertisers wary

While global streaming time was up 63 per cent year-on-year, ad demand dropped 28 per cent in a single quarter, heavily impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Digital Marketing: Now or Never!

Digital marketing implies an all out marketing effort leveraging - all kinds of digital channels like search engines, social media, email, and websites to connect with existing or prospective customers.

The Finance Ministers and their dream budgets

What made 10 Prime Ministers - including the first Prime Minister of India, and the first Prime Minister of Pakistan, step into the Finance Minister’s shoes to present the annual budget in the parliament remains a mystery?

India has untapped potential to be a market leader and bauxite exporter

India is favourably endowed with rich and almost inexhaustible resources of bauxite, which is the main raw material for the production of aluminium. India has a huge potential to be a major player in the international bauxite market.

Are woman bankers in India getting a raw deal?

Quite a few women today have reached the top of the hierarchy. But even then banking remains an old-boys club. Only a small proportion of women end up at the top. Just 3% women reach top executive posts, only 11% become officers and 26 % retire as clerks in the public sector banks. It holds true in other sectors of the economy as well -- only 14% of all the 22.6% women employed in business, make it to senior management level.

New Delhi railway station: Asia’s largest solar powered rail network

At least 800 railway stations in India now rely on solar to help generate their own clean energy. This is a boon for Indian Railways, Asia’s largest railway network, which moves around 23 million people every day — nearly the entire population of Australia.

Why the sun never sets over- the Dubai Mall

One of the most-visited shopping and leisure destination on planet earth, the Dubai Mall in United Arab Emirates (UAE) surpasses even some of the world-famous tourist destinations like Times Square (39.2 million), Central Park (38 million), and Niagara Falls (22.5 million).

Coal Mining in Australia: Prospects for India

Coal is Australia‘s biggest export commodity. Australia accounts for 34 % of the world's black coal. Almost 75% of Australian black coal is exported. Australia has one of the largest coal reserves - almost 10% of the world total.

Indian consumers are willing to splurge on luxury

Indian customers are very enamored by clothes, but they need something different. They are ready to spend but they need right luxury mixed well with right details and taste

Budget 2021: incentives for the industry and tax payers?

Everyone is expectantly looking forward to this year’s budget, which can provide the much needed fillip to take the country towards positive GDP growth rates.

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