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Air India: will the Maharaja get back to business?

Air India had a sense of humour, a cheekiness, it was as iconic as the Amul moppet and their cheeky branding. If the new Air India team can recreate that old magic, they can beat the global airlines and again become a leader, the pride of India and the preferred airline to travel on.

Algorithm helps robots avoid obstacles in their path

If you’ve ever ordered a product from Amazon, chances are that a robot selected your purchase from a shelf, read the barcode and delivered it to the counter for packaging. Hopefully, it didn’t collide with a human worker on its journey or lost its way.

The richest people who own the globe

Believe it or not, we live in a world where the rich are getting richer and the poor even poorer. Today there are around 2,668 billionaires’ on planet earth -- collectively worth over $12.7 trillion. Here is the latest list of the richest persons in the world based on their net worth and financial performance.

Singapore Airlines offers attractive summer season discounts

Families that book their Singapore Airlines tickets for travel till 30 June 2022, can enjoy a 50% discount on airfares for children aged 12 years and below.

10 things that will change or disappear in our lifetime

Change is part of life. The world around us is changing constantly. It is for us to adapt to the change or be left out in the changing world.

Top 12 economies in the world today

The economic health and wealth of a nation depend on a number of economic indicators which are statistics that provides valuable information about the economy.

Why is Dubai a safe haven for Indian investors?

Dubai has been witnessing an unparalleled demand for residential real estate from Indian investors. The reason is that Dubai is one of the global safe havens

Online gaming transactions to be charged 28% GST in India?

The online gaming industry has seen a monumental increase in the number of people interested in gaming for real money in India. The number of people engaged in online gaming increased from 250 million in 2018 to 400 million by 2020.

Kratom – the game-changer for gamers

If you're looking for a way to reduce anxiety, and to increase your performance, Kratom may be the answer for you. Aside from its calming effects, Kratom has also been shown to relieve chronic pain.

The Best BTC Casinos

BTC casinos are now among the gambling industry's top and most reliable market niches. Crypto casino gambling is already becoming popular all over the world.

Why Nairobi tops the list of cities with huge demand for residential buildings in Kenya?

Nairobi is one of Africa's most vibrant, and cosmopolitan cities. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. Its population has doubled in 20 years.

6 Benefits of living in active adult community in Victory at Verrado

Many active adult community dwellings have been constructed to meet the requirements of senior citizens. Victory at Verrado has newly built homes with modern amenities.
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