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6 Benefits of living in active adult community in Victory at Verrado

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Gaining homeownership in an active adult community can increase your long-term financial stance and give you a sense of pride. Victory at Verrado offers a low-maintenance lifestyle with convenient access to urban centers, so buying a property there is advantageous. Located in Buckeye’s Verrado district’s northwest corner, Victory at Verrado community has newly built homes with multiple modern amenities.

There are about 3,500 single-family homes for sale in Victory at Verrado, separated into eight collections in active adult communities. There are two to four bedrooms, two to three bathrooms, and four vehicle garages in floor plans varying in size from 1,222 to 3,500 sq. feet.

Benefits Of Living In An Active Adult Community

Senior citizens at Victory at Verrado

Living in active adult communities designed for people of 55+ can be beneficial in the following ways:

  1. Various Housing Options

Many 55+ communities have been constructed and maintained to meet the requirements of senior citizens. Based on your lifestyle and financial situation, a variety of floor plans are available, such as single-family homes, villas, one-bedroom homes, two-bedroom homes, etc.

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  1. Stress-Free, Low Maintenance Living

The low-maintenance lifestyle offered by active adult communities is a significant advantage. In numerous HOAs, the packages include services like security, yard maintenance, picking trash, and external house care. Prosperous 55+ communities will handle these chores for their inhabitants and ensure they have little to no obligation for house care and a few energy costs.

  1. Stay Fit And Active

The apparent focus on movement and fitness activities is one of the numerous advantages of active adult communities. There will be many enjoyable and simple activities available for senior citizens. Numerous 55+ areas offer workout centers, entertainment areas, and calendars packed with activities that emphasize maintaining good health for a long time. You may come across multiple amenities and activities that highlight this lifestyle in these communities.

  1. High-End Amenities

You can rest easy knowing that amenities in active adult areas are created for elders who are still active and want to appreciate their lifestyle. The resort-style amenities are accessible in these Verrado communities, including picnic spots, playgrounds, swimming pools, fitness centers, meeting rooms, tennis courts, and more.

Buying homes for sale in Victory at Verrado is best in active adult communities with essential amenities near them. Victory at Verrado is close to multiple healthcare providers, grocery markets, entertainment venues, and dining establishments. Phoenix city is a 30-minute drive from Victory at Verrado, giving residents convenient access to the metropolitan area.

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  1. Better Sense Of Community

People typically connect with others that are of the same age. If you live in an active adult community, the neighbours will be your age or slightly older, making it simpler to make new friends nearby and share similar values on quality of life and decency. Supporting for the exact reasons and seeking out chances to promote sharing are two ways that a 55+ community develops a sense of participation in residents.

  1. Enhanced Security And Safety

Most active adult areas are remote, allowing access to only authorized residents and visitors. For the protection of the residents, these neighbourhoods frequently include extra security personnel on-site. In addition to guards, the security measures include good street lighting, well-lit sidewalks and parking lots, fire alarms, smoke detectors, etc.


Check your budget after hiring a realtor and look through many house listings in the active adult community. During the inspection, thoroughly check the homes to discover any problems. Talk to your realtor when you have found the perfect house so they can assist you in bargaining the cost.

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