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Akash introduces MIRA – an AI-enabled solution

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Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL), India’s leader in test preparatory services, has introduced MIRA – an Artificial Intelligence enabled one-stop solution for its employees for query resolution– through an innovative knowledge management tool.

MIRA has been integrated with AESL’s internal systems, from SAP and Oracle to Workday and ADP and it can not only answer employees’ general questions but can also provide access to information such as pay stubs and income tax.

MIRA is programmed to respond to any queries 24×7 with just a text. The hi-tech tool helps to find knowledge articles that are personalized and relevant – including FAQs, policies, videos, guides and deep links to further information instantly. The information can be accessed by all the AESL employees. Through this app, nearly 6500 AESL employees will be benefited and will have insights into medical aids, training programmes, transfers, in-house events, etc.

For an employee, MIRA will help to replace day-to-day emails and other applications. Through this service, employees can explore policies, new company guidelines, create HR-related requests and track them to closure. The tool can be used on desktop, mobile, or even directly through MS Teams, Whatsapp and Google Chats by scanning a simple QR code. In addition to these access points, the tool will carefully evaluate the employees’ feedback and experience to better the services.

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Commenting on the launch of MIRA, Sachin Saxena, CHRO, Aakash Educational Services Limited, said, “Tools and technology seldom come under the spotlight in discussions of employee experience, but in fact, they are a critical component of keeping them satisfied at work. With automation having such clear benefits in ease of access to information, convenience in making queries or requests, and most importantly, speed in getting the queries resolved, it is for this very reason that we have introduced MIRA for our employees. As a forward-looking organization that has thrived through innovation and cutting-edge technology, we are committed to adopting tools and technologies that assist in improving your experience as an employee, partner, and contributor to the success of AESL. MIRA will keep evolving with time allowing employees to access all basic and HR-related information, policies and latest news all in one place.”

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