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‘Phone Toaster’ – kills 99.9% of germs on phones in 5 minutes

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An innovation team from South Korean company SK Networks has announced the launch of ‘Phone Toaster’, a phone sanitizer that kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses on phones in five minutes.

While the benefits of handwashing are well-known, few people sanitize their phones. Given that mobile phones typically harbour 10 times more germs than the average toilet seat, that is a major health concern.

Phone Toaster uses proven UV-C light technology to effectively and quickly kill bacteria and viruses. Its unique UV-C light configuration covers over 99.9% of the phone’s surface with ultraviolet light. Its closed-lid sanitization chamber can accommodate any phone up to 80.8mm x 172.3mm x 11.9mm, large enough for an iPhone 11 Pro Max or Galaxy S20 Ultra.

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An array of useful features

Phone Toaster’s sanitization chamber also features a Qi-compatible 15W fast wireless charger — automatically sanitize and charge at the same time. Its external 18W fast USB-A charger enables charging for a second USB-enabled device, such as a second phone. It also includes a built-in 8W Bluetooth speaker — the first phone sanitizer on the market to do so — and an analogue alarm clock with a mood light.

A modern interior aesthetic

Phone Toaster’s clean design and simple interface make it the perfect addition to nightstands, kitchen counters or offices.

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World's first 5-in-1 phone sanitizer that kills 99.9% germs in 5 minutes
World’s first 5-in-1 phone sanitizer that kills 99.9% germs in 5 minutes

Phone hygiene — now second nature

“We wanted to ensure that phone sanitization becomes a daily habit with no fuss,” said Bong Ju Lee, a spokesman for Phone Toaster. “Whenever you need a charge, use Phone Toaster to automatically sanitize your phone at the same time.”

A world-first

Several phone sanitizers have launched in recent months, but Phone Toaster is the first in the world to integrate five useful features into a single device.​

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A customer-centric approach

“Before settling on Phone Toaster’s design and feature lineup, we conducted extensive research to understand customer pain points and preferences. We also crowdsourced elements of its design, to ensure an appropriate aesthetic,” Lee said.

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