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7 # tips to keep relationships alive in Covid times

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It’s time to bridge differences of understanding and heal strained relationships.

Whether you’re a couple working from home or a family with children the corona times can be testing. It is really alarming situation.

Divorce is witnessing an all-time high in countries all over the world. But like two sides of a coin these stressful times have a bright side too. While you are at home to stay safe and avoid the pandemic, it’s time for introspection.


Why do Relationship Break?

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Looking at the positive side, couples who are closed together in a room cannot complain of not giving enough time to each other anymore. It is time to look inwards and recharge your relationship. It’s time to bridge differences of understanding and heal strained relationships.

If you are looking for suggestions, here are a few tips which will come in handy to manage healthy relationships :

  • Communication keeps relationships fresh: Communication is the oxygen that keeps relationships fresh and alive. With such a lot happening and tensions running high, it is often hard to have a healthy dialogue – especially if you’re feeling scared or upset. Heightened anxiety can add fuel to fire and ignite strong negative emotions; anger or frustration. Try and be as clear as possible with one another. Talk to each other as much as possible, share thoughts and build bridges of understanding. 
  • Long Chats and Long Walks: the best way to rekindle the flames of your loving past is to take a stroll and have a romantic conversation with your partner in a nearby park. Let your mind dig deep into the caravan of memories and enjoy the sweet chit chat. Discover the interesting aspects of each other and talk about the similarities you share. Share laughter and joy as you walk together.
  • Repair and Re-kindle relationships: the isolated time are often the best time for couples to reassess and rebuild their relationship. It is the perfect time to share common workload and responsibilities like household chores – cook meals and eat them together. Make daily tasks enjoyable and work as a team. Be playful while you perform the tasks.
  • Reconnect spiritually Fix a common time to reconnect spiritually by meditating and chanting together. Let yourself heal with your better half.
  • Rediscover the inner child in you: Use the spare time to bring back childhood and play board games with your partner. Start some arts and crafts with available goods and do something interesting. Create memories and sweet times by using your creativity and dealing as a team. Such time spent with your partner will always be rewarding.
  • Respect Private Space: Since many of us are working/staying at home and sharing spaces throughout the day, it becomes important to respect your partner’s individual space and the create a favorable, conducive and productive work environment at home. Encourage each other to take regular breaks and make these breaks fun. Surprise your partner with their favourite snacks.
  • Follow exercise regime:  It is time to start your day with a healthy lifestyle. Start your day with regular exercises and yoga with your partner. Dedicate at least 20 minutes together and stay agile. Take help from youtube and search for full-body exercises at home. Turn on your favourite music and stay motivated through exercises with your partner.

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Dr. Rachna Khanna Singh
Dr. Rachna Khanna Singh
Currently head of Department of Holistic Medicine & Wellness at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon Dr. Rachna Khanna Singh is a mental wellness expert with expertise in relationship, lifestyle & stress management. The founder and director of The Mind and Wellness Studio Dr. Rachna Khanna has worked with leading hospitals like Fortis Escorts, Dharamshila Cancer Hospital. Her specialties include stress management, lifestyle management for heart diseases, supportive care for chronically ill patients, work-life balance, parent-child bonding, cancer support care, ante/postnatal care, relationship counselling, pre-marital & marital counselling, adolescent counselling, psychiatric & psychological illnesses like depression, anxiety, insomnia.


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