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RAM & TAM show growing Radio listenership among young listeners


Perhaps because of the COVID pandemic which has made it difficult to go out of their homes, radio listenership and radio advertising have been on the rise.

Radio and television viewership (RAM /TAM) shows how there has been a phenomenal growth in male and female listenership, followed by an increase in massive adex growth on Radio from several categories from rising SEC A listenership.

This rise in listenership trend continues with the growth of radio consumption by Youth in the four metros leading to the phenomenal increase in advertisements targeted at Youth.

It may be noted that research by AZ Research PPL in April 2020 in the top 6 metros which indicated that 82 percent of the population (22 per cent increase) had tuned in to FM Radio post-Covid 19 with a significant increase in listening time ( 23 per cent increase).

The research also positioned FM Radio as the most credible media amongst Print, TV and Radio.

The following are the significant increase in Youth segment listenership and engagement as per post-Covid -19 RAM research

  • 75 percent growth in reach, Bengaluru.
  • 73 percent growth in TSL (Times spent in listening), Kolkata.
  • 42 percent growth in TSL, Mumbai.
  • 33 percent growth in TSL. Delhi.

The TAM Adex data also reflects consequent phenomenal growth in Advertising in certain categories due to these increases.

The significant increases have been in Publications/Books – 518 per cent; Education-Other courses – 313 per cent; Cellular Phone Service – 120 per cent; Banking – Services & Products – 67 per cent; Auto – Automotive Fuel – 60 per cent; and eCom – Media, Entertainment, Social Media – 53 per cent.

Association of Radio Operators, India, President Anuradha Prasad said, “It is not surprising that Indian Youth are increasingly tuning in to Radio for trustworthy information and quality entertainment. Radio has always been special to Youth and the new way of living that has emerged post-COVID-19, has not only increased reach but also time spent on listening not only in Youth but all listenership segments.”

“The consequent increase in advertising is a natural outcome of increased reach and the increased value of Brand Radio, especially due to the 100 per cent accurate information that was broadcast by radio during these tough times and the affinity that all Radio stations built with citizens during this emergency,” she added.

HT Media Ltd and Next Mediaworks Ltd CEO – Radio and Entertainment Harshad Jain said, “It is heartening to see the growth in radio listenership during these challenging times. The youth is clearly drawn to the medium for their infotainment needs, especially in metros. We are witnessing a surge in listenership by the upscale and premium Sec. This is a great opportunity for new-age brands to leverage radio’s strength and further increase brand recall. The uptick in advertising by brands that are men centric, owing to the rise in engagement with male listeners is another mark of achievement. I am positive that radio is on the right trajectory of growth and will bounce back stronger than ever.”

Big FM CEO Abraham Thomas said, “Across demographics of gender, age and SEC, radio advertisers are using the growth in audiences to the advantage of their brands. That coupled with hyper-local reach, credibility and influence, radio is becoming the go-to medium with the staggered opening up of the economy. Let’s advertise.

Radio City CEO Ashit Kukian Said, “In this digitally savvy age, it is astounding to witness a surge in the youth listenership for radio as per the latest TAM Radio Adex Report. Youth is one of the most powerful, feisty and an influential segment when it comes to bringing about a change in the present and working positively to make a difference in the future.”

“Radio has and will always make innovative content that connects with the pulse of the youth and will continue to leverage a fertile field for advertisers and brands that target the youth,” Kurian said.

B B Nagpal
B B Nagpal
A reputed Journalist, Visiting Professor (Media, PR and Cinema Studies), and Film Critic for the past 51 years. He retired as Chief of Bureau of United News of India (UNI) after more than 36 years of service in November 2005 and was founder Chief Editor of the Lok Sabha TV channel.


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