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Incredible India- the journey from scarcity to surplus

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India was the largest economy in the world between the 10th century BC and the 18th Century AD. Around 1700 AD, the Indian subcontinent had become the world’s largest economy, producing about 25% of global industrial output. This is what attracted East India Company and other European Companies to commence trade with India. In the 21st Century, we are again moving toward regaining the past glory.

COVID pandemic was the most unprecedented disaster that shook the world in the last Century. As the world order was limping back to normalcy after COVID, the Ukraine-Russia war started. India outshined the world by very efficient handling of the COVID and a V-shaped economic recovery post-COVID, Ukraine war notwithstanding. India presents exemplary growth in these difficult times, converting global threats into opportunities.

India shining

India is expected to be a $ 5 Trillion economy by end of 2026, as per IMF projections. In terms of US dollars—average Indians’ income rose by 18% in 2021. It was the third fastest growth in India’s dollar prosperity in the last 50 years.   Some of the key pointers of India’s envious growth are flagged in this article.

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Fastest Growing Economy:   India is the world’s sixth-largest economy by nominal GDP and the third-largest by purchasing power parity (PPP). The IMF has projected a 7.4%  growth rate for India in FY 2022-23, making India the fastest growing economy post-COVID.  The present growth trajectory will see India become the world’s third-largest economy by 2024, only behind USA and China. 

Biggest Consumer Market: India, with a population of 139 Crores, and increasing per capita income, forms the biggest consumer market in the world. All the countries are tapping this vast consumer base and hence the relevance of India in the world market. Today, every MNC is making a beeline for India.  

Biggest Manufacturing Hub:  Internationally, major western MNCs are making strategic plans to move out of China. India, with its rapidly improving infrastructure, cheap labor, educated youth, and stable democratic Government provides the best and most cost-effective alternative to China. India is now also poised to become the factory of the world. 

Youngest Population:  India has the youngest population in the world while China, Japan, and Europe have started greying. This widely acknowledges demographic dividend with skillful and diligent youth of India is attracting the MNCs to set up bases in India. A young and educated workforce forms India’s biggest asset, in the present times.

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Digital India:  India has been leading the world’s BPO industry. Opening Global Capability Centers (GCC) by MNCs is neo-globalization. India is leading the world in this field also. 1400 MNCs have already set up GCC in India providing jobs to 1.3 million workforce and earning a revenue of $36 billion. India has also created 100 unicorns with valuations over one billion dollars. NASSCOM predicts another 40% increase in the next three years.

Poor Country to Wheat Exporter:   India has taken giant leaps in improving the agriculture and dairy sectors,  in the country. From being a food-grain importer in the last century, we have made rapid progress to becoming a wheat exporter today. Now,  India is a net exporter of wheat, having exported 1.8 million tonnes of wheat to 12 countries.   It’s a matter of pride that we are also the largest producer of milk, pulses; jute and the second largest producer of rice, wheat, sugarcane, groundnut, vegetables, fruits, and cotton.

Arms Exporter: India today has started manufacturing state-of-the-art war equipment. We are also looking for exporting it to developing countries. India’s defense exports have recorded nearly an eight-fold increase between 2017 and 2022, growing from 1,520 crore to 13000 crores.

Beating the recession

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IMF’s latest global projections predict the world economy to plunge into the worst recession, post-COVID.   While all developed countries will have negative growth,   India holds a beacon of hope for the world.  It’s predicted that India will have no effect or least effect of recession because of its praiseworthy fiscal policies and steady economic growth.

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India opened up to the world in the 21st Century and progressed toward a free market economy. Soon, it became the fastest growing economy and will continue to be so, over the next few years.  Headwinds are expected from rising inflation, supply chain disruptions, and geopolitical tensions.   However, there are many positive indications to keep us afloat.  Exports have performed exceptionally well during the pandemic and bolstered recovery. India’s gross tax collection has beaten all expectations. The agricultural sector is booming due to repeated normal monsoons.   Higher capital spending on infrastructure and asset-building projects is likely to further boost growth multipliers.   

India is all set to beat the challenges and emerge as the growth engine for the world economy. Let’s become partners in progress and march in harmony towards a glorious future.  Incredible India @75 is destined to regain its glorious status in this Century.  

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Maj. Gen. C P Singh
Maj. Gen. C P Singh
Maj Gen C P Singh is a scholar soldier accredited with MA, MSc, LLB, MBA, M Phil (Def Mgt.) and M Phil. (International Strategic Affairs). An avid reader and prolific writer, he is a Social Activist, Career Consultant and Motivational Speaker.


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