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Tips for international students to find the university of their dreams

Students who wish to study abroad ask – which is the best university? A good university with global fame can open the door to the profession you like

Moral dilemma of the ‘Desi’ (Indian) immigrants

Indian youths love to acquire an American accent and dollar bills on their neckties. Hollywood films are immensely popular with the cool guys and gals in India

Aastha Fertility Center – best IVF treatment in Udaipur

Are you trying to conceive a baby for more than one year? Contact Aastha Fertility Care, Udaipur. IVF is the chosen treatment for fertility.

CBSE results – farcical delusion

The CBSE results were out this year and, everyone was happy. However, are these marks a true reflection of the real performance of the children?

India – an investment paradise

India today is one of the world's fastest-growing major economies and investment paradise. Experts feel that India's young population benefit the country.

How to save the world from asteroid impact?

We can save the world from an asteroid strike provided we detect them early. This is what NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office does

Six TV and movie stars who love the Baltimore Ravens

There is no shortage of both small and big-screen movie stars who claim to follow sports teams. Baltimore has some of the most well-known – Ravens fans

Simplify your studies with research paper help

One of the challenges students face is writing a research paper. It not only requires a deep understanding of the topic but also excellent writing skills

Undoing the school education mess

A study has revealed that 25% to 30% of school teachers do not go to school. The problem is more acute in the northern states.

Top 10 most widely spoken languages in the world

There are more than 7100 spoken languages and about 300 writing scripts in the world. About 230 of these are spoken in Europe, and 2,197 are spoken in Asia.

Top luxurious trains in the world 2023

Luxurious trains all over the world offer a memorable way to explore a country's landscape, history and culture. They represent both style and comfort.

5 Ways to manage exam uncertainty  

The main element in dealing with uncertainty during an exam is having a clear and focused mind. Therefore, plan your day and distribute a few hours to studying

Why does Kim Jong Un prefer to travel in armoured trains?

For Kim Jong Un travel in such a train is a style statement. It helps him in ‘putting on a big show’ and project an image that he wants to project.

Human growth hormone (HGH) – recent studies

The first experimental introduction of a growth hormone (HGH) compound to a test subject occurred in 1956

Dying Declaration: Do people on death bed tell no lies and...

The bizarre notion is that ‘truth sits upon the lips of a dying man’. It is believed that a dying person would not tell a lie. The question is why?

Beginner’s guide to maximizing the chances of winning at Roulette

The Roulette wheel is one of the most action-packed areas in a casino. Watching the wheel spin and waiting for the ball to stop is exciting stuff.

How parents can change a child’s behaviour?

As a parent, we influence our child’s behaviour by either ignoring it or punishing them to induce a behavioural change.

India hosts G-20 with finesse

G 20 consists of 19 countries. The G20 countries account for 85% GDP, more than 75% of global commerce, and almost two-thirds of the global population.

Ethics & the bureaucracy: does it pay to be ethical?

Objectivity and impartiality are virtues that a civil Servant is supposed to possess. A dishonest Civil servant can cause enormous damage to governance.

India deserves veto power at the UNSC

India deserves to be a member of the UNSC. Though today some vested interests may be able to sabotage India's claim, they would not be able to do so for long.

Manipur – malady, madness, and mayhem

Manipur has witnessed prolonged fighting in the past few months in which apart from mortar fire, violence and illegal arms trading have also been observed.