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Rashmi Oberoi

Freelance writer and columnist

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A celebration of the spirit

The War Wounded Foundation was set up for long-term rehabilitation of war-disabled personnel of the defence forces.

The book lover’s paradise…

We’ve decided to make it a yearly ritual now... Like a short break... A well-deserved jaunt to the hills... Escape! The drive from Panchkula to Dehradun is beautiful...picturesque and brings back old memories of my childhood spent in Nahan and the picnics and fishing expeditions around this area.

Col. Matwankar- the man with the healing touch

Col. Matwankar- is the only Hospital Administrator who has experience of working in the Defence Services, government and Corporate, sector

Gen Nambiar: The Thinking General

He is one of the few Indian generals to achieve international recognition as the first Force Commander and Head of Mission of UNPROFOR, the United Nations Protection Force in the former Yugoslavia, between March 1992 and March 1993.

A soldier who defied death many times

Sengar had been seriously wounded twice in operations. A highly decorated war hero of the Special Forces, he was the recipient of the prestigious ‘Commando Dagger’ in his eighth year of service while competing with officers much younger to him. His phenomenal fitness earned him the sobriquet ‘Rocket’ by his juniors.

The heroes: who ‘never-gave-up’

Nothing is impossible and no impediment or impairment big enough if one has a clear goal and the courage to follow one’s own convictions.

Letter writing-a dying art

A majority of today's youth may not have written in their entire lifetime. They don't need to. More so because as compared to the letter which may reach the receiver after a considerable length of time, a phone calls and text message allows instant communication at the point of need. In the days of cell phones, email, facebook and Twitter, letter writing is a dying art.

Ability beyond disability

A daughter, a widow, and a wife...three women overcome their personal tragedies with strength and determination and selflessly give back to society with such kindness and generosity that they leave imprints in everyone’s hearts. Their success is another matter altogether and comes secondary to them. Here is their story.

Real life heroes are the ones who keep going… against all...

There is a saying- when the going gets tough, the tough get going. No one deserves the title of a 'hero' more than a soldier who gets up after a debilitating injury or loss limb and overcomes the hardships and handicaps to win the bigger battle of life. Major D.P Singh, was injured in the Kargil war. He was "declared dead" by the Army Hospital.. He survived as an amputee and returned 14 years later as India's first Blade runner.