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Pune’s real estate market – at the cusp of revival

Regardless of whether one is looking to buy a first or second home in Pune, the basic success fundamentals remain the same. One should go for locations which are close to primary workplace areas which have a good saturation of office complexes, if one can afford. Other important aspects to focus on are the availability of good social and civic infrastructure like schools, hospitals, shopping, etc., and presence of public transport.

How education influences Pune’s property market?

A lesser-known fact is that Pune's real estate market is a direct beneficiary of its highly developed educational environment. People in Pune are willing to invest considerably in their children's education, and this includes a willingness to pay more for a home located close to a good school or college.

Urbanisation: can we reconnect our cities with nature?

In the pursuit of their development and urbanisation agendas, our cities have seen high-rise buildings replacing backyards, parks and forested areas.

What lies ahead for the Pune property market

Pune is always growing and adding to its geographical spread, making it by far the largest and most vibrant real estate market in Maharashtra and beyond. Apart from these, there is a constant flow of investments coming in from other Maharashtrian cities like Nanded, Nasik, Sangli, Kolhapur, Nagpur, Jalgaon and Amravati. As a result, the Pune property market is extremely resistant to stagnation.

Sahakar Nagar – Pune’s most aspirational neighbourhood

Once the historical seat of Peshwas, the erstwhile prime ministers of the Maratha Empire; Sahakar Nagar is today one of the oldest, greenest and respected address in Pune. It is home to some of the prominent businesspersons, politicians and movers and shakers in Pune, the second largest city in Maharashtra and an important political hub in the Indian subcontinent.

Golden rules to follow while buying a budget home

Since the affordable homes segment is the primary hunting zone for predatory fly-by-night builders who specialize in cheating their customers, the first thing that a budget home buyer in Pune must verify is the reputation of the project’s developer. Buyers in Pune need to do thorough research among the multitude of projects in the budget homes segment. By focusing on reputed builders, the search becomes faster and easier.

Tips for buying a ‘starter’ home

Buying a starter home is also significant in another sense - it is the point where most people step into 'adulthood', in the sense that they are finally transitioning from living on rent to a self-owned property. It marks the end of one's association with landlords, and the beginning of autonomy.

Welcoming the era of smart cities

The initiative for smart cities began when Mr. Arun Jaitley, the finance minister, allocated Rs. 7060 crore in the last Union Budget to create of transform 100 cities into smart cities. The potential investments into these smart cities would cause India to reach heights that no other country in the world has touched so far.

Why Real Estate Investment Beats The Stock Market

The outcome of stock market volatility is more evident if one follows the changes in real estate markets. Real estate investment provides more stability and can also deliver a continuous income stream, and this is why it attracts more investors. The slow but steady correlation between the stock markets and real estate markets provides the important advantage of diversification in an investor’s portfolio.

The philosophy behind residential project names

The philosophy behind naming a project is guided by the specific nature of a particular market in terms of overall ethos, social configuration and mind-set, and the type of clientele that the developer is targeting.

Pune Real Estate Ready For A Vibrant Festive Season

The upcoming festive season is auspicious in more ways than one. As we look at the Indian economy today, stock markets and overall sentiment have revived, and financial confidence has returned to Indian household.

Why buying a home in the monsoons makes great sense

Time is money, and sellers are always on a hurry to move their unclaimed real estate. Culturally, Indians find it inauspicious to invest in anything for the two weeks of the monsoons that coincides with pitru paksh.

What is driving home buyers to Undri?

According to the Annual Realty Report by, more than 230 residential projects were launched in Pune across 2014, and 22% of these were in the southern region of the city, which includes Undri.

Quality construction: what does it actually mean?

The average life-span of a project built on quality construction parameters is about 80 years. This is why people look for quality construction when buying a home.

How illegal construction paralyzes our cities

illegal constructions continue to cripple roads, public spaces and other amenities. Successful urban planning in India will only have a future when it is complemented by efforts to educate the masses about its importance.

Is your home retirement ready?

Elderly people need homes that provide them easy access to daily necessities, including shops, public transportation, healthcare facilities and other essential services. They must be able to meet their basic living needs and maintain social connections at the same time.

Mumbai’s loss is Pune’s gain

Real estate in Mumbai is getting more and more expensive every day. For someone looking to buy a small apartment (600 sq. ft. of space) in Mumbai, the minimum required corpus should be nothing short of INR 1 crore. As a result, more and more Mumbaikars are moving to the outskirts and fringes of the city including places like Thane and Navi Mumbai, where property prices are lower.

Make way for the smart homes revolution

Today, smart home technology uses user-friendly software that allows simplified control of climate, lighting, entertainment and communication. The technology involved impacts three key areas – energy efficiency, security systems and telecom systems.

Is your home safe from earthquakes?

According to geographical statistics, more than 54% of the Indian landmass is prone to earthquakes. The reason for this high amount of exposure is the increasing intensity at which the Indian pelagic plate is driving into mainland Asia. The United Nations and World Bank estimate that by 2050, more than 200 million Indian homes would have experiences earthquakes and storms.

Six attributes of a good neighborhood

In the modern world, the keyword is connectivity. You are better placed if you can reach the train station, the airport, the hospital or the school in as little time as possible. Accessibility makes it much more convenient to deal with the regular necessities of living and raising a family.

Maharashtra: a giant among India’s real estate markets

Real estate is one of the key drivers of Maharashtra's economy. It creates jobs at a number of levels, from construction labour to architects,...