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Ashutosh Kumar

A banker by profession Ashutosh Kumar is a freelance writer and analyst. He writes on contemporary subjects and is a lyricist, philosopher and thinker. Above all, he is always eager to learn. The views expressed are his own.

Latest Articles

CTS-2010: New RBI initiative to prevent cheque fraud

One of the innovations in digital banking is the Positive payment service introduced by RBI to address the rising instances of cheque fraud

Skill – why do we need it?

Skill is the ability to perform an action and provide desired results within a given time, energy or both. As per the dictionary, skill...

The ‘heroes’ behind what electronics is today

Any narrative of the evolution electronics will be incomplete without recalling the efforts put in by the heroes who contributed to change
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Till a few years ago nobody could have imagined that the shift from Analogue to digital would drastically transform all spheres of life.