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What are the 5 things that make a friend’s birthday special?

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Rejoice, for it is that time of the year when you celebrate the person who helped you walk through many hurdles in your life. Yes, we are talking about your friend, it’s their birthday, and this day comes once a year, so grab this opportunity to make your friend’s birthday very special this year.

From heartfelt wishes to unique and thoughtful gift ideas, you can try everything that can bring a smile to your friend’s face. And if you are looking for some unique ideas to make your day special, then you can consider the options that are listed below.

5 Ideas to make your friend feel special on their birthday

Surprise with old friends

Since all your friends are working or studying in different places or cities, why don’t you try to bring them all together under one roof to surprise your friend? If all your buddies have a week off or holiday at the same time, you can gather at a place and throw a surprise party for the birthday person.

Seeing old mates together will overwhelm him/ her with happiness and joy, and this will make their day unique and memorable. You can play games that you used to play as a child to relive old memories or can share your recent life over a table of delicious foods and cake.

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Treat them to a dinner

Birthday celebrations are incomplete without having a pleasant cake-cutting moment. So you can start your day by ordering a delicious and freshly baked cake from a trusted portal that provides a safe and fast service of online cake delivery in Lucknow or wherever you live.

While waiting for the cake delivery, you must decorate the home and send invitations to your friends to join the celebration. Once everything is settled, start the cake-cutting event by blowing out the magic candles. Further, you can take your friends to their favorite restaurant and order the dishes they love the most, and treat your guests to a nice dinner.

Adopt and gift an animal

An act of kindness towards a being that is unable to speak is something, not just anyone can do. If your friend is an animal lover, you can either gift them a puppy, kitten, rabbit, or any other animal they love, or you can adopt a stray animal in their name. In both cases, the animal will belong to your friend, and they will be responsible for looking after it.

This is the best way to make an animal lover feel special on their day because those little innocent and cute ones can make a day stress free.

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Plant a tree

This idea may not be new to you, but these days not many people really practice this. Earlier trees were planted when a baby was born, but for a change, you can upgrade this activity. This year on our friend’s birthday, visit the nearest nursery with him/ her and buy some indoor and outdoor plants. Now you can sow these plants at home, by the roadside, in parks, in colony gardens, etc.

It is an eco-friendly way to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and you can engage your other friends or family too in the planting.   

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Celebration at an unexpected place

This is one of the best ways to celebrate as sometimes bringing a smile to others’ faces can give a lifetime of memory and happiness. This year instead of going to any fancy restaurant for the celebration, visit an orphanage or old age home with your friends and celebrate the birthday of your friend with the people there.

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You can arrange some snacks and beverages for the children or seniors as well as the staff. You can also order a cake and cut it with kids or seniors there.


If you think that only expensive gifts, celebrations at fancy restaurants, road trips, or grand parties are the only things that can make your friend feel special on their birthday, then you are wrong. There are people who like simple and thoughtful things instead of showing off and filling their social media feeds.

You can make your friend feel special by arranging a party or day according to his/ her interest. Your intentions, actions, presence, and efforts make them feel that they are special and an important part of your life.

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