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Virtual events to boost economy and spread awareness about COVID 19

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Webinars and virtual meetings are the new normal – worldwide more so in the COVID-19 era. Virtual events permit a more and more individuals across the globe to connect content and work from within the security of their home. Digital events are adaptable, and not time-bound.  During the pandemic, various companies and platforms have come up with online events and have helped boost the economy as well as spread awareness. The extraordinary thing about virtual encounters is that they can be totally altered to best accommodate your prerequisites.

Here are 4  COVID essential events happening around the globe:

Alibaba Virtual Trade Shows

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Alibaba declared various live-spilled, industry-explicit trade shows through its new public exhibition center point. The trade shows mean to unite little and medium organizations through this activity. It is a massive opportunity for small businesses in America, and people are talking about this as a pivot in how small businesses connect and engage with one another This is an initiative to show support for companies impacted by the coronavirus and focuses on the home and health products industry.

Trade India Virtual Trade Show

Tradeindia is hosting India’s first-ever B2B Virtual Trade show on COVID19 essentials for SMEs, MSMEs, and other businesses and experts. Taking this into consideration, the substandard Chinese products, Tradeindia has come up with a very apt virtual trade fair – COVID-19 Essentials, wherein Indian companies can connect with importers virtually and vice versa. The trade show will feature some good brands with a variety of products at one place from a different country and interested people can connect with them. It will help exhibitors to promote their products and interact with customers in an immersive virtual space ( with 3D stalls) that feels just like physical space.

Global Health Network – Open Workshop

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The Global Health Network is facilitating standard online intuitive workshops to encourage learning and conversation around the significant examination addresses that are emerging during the COVID-19 pandemic.  In every one of these open workshops, they will unite a specialist board of scientists from around the world to share their examination endeavors towards handling the pandemic, and to talk about the exploration needs that future COVID-19 preliminaries and studies should address. Every workshop will close with an intelligent ‘Question and Answer’ meeting to permit members to advance their own inquiries, distinguish pertinent assets and accumulate accord with the board and different participants. They are facilitating workshops in various dialects and have so far upheld meetings in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

Labroots Coronavirus Webinar

LabRoots will be attempting to instruct the network about Coronavirus in a progressing arrangement of online courses. The First and Second Events on Coronavirus Virtual Webinar Series were an extraordinary achievement! It is presently accessible for on-request seeing. This event doesn’t require any movement, and will stay progressing; online courses will keep on happening later on as we discover increasingly about this pathogen. The substance will be accessible for boundless, on-request seeing. The worldwide network will have the option to associate utilizing visit meetings and live-gushing. This consistent availability will be accessible on any work area or cell phone so you can see, learn, and communicate.

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