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The legend of Maa Shailputri

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Shailputri is a manifestation of the mother goddess Mahadevi also referred to as Adi Parashakti, Adi Shakti, or Abhaya Shakti — the supreme goddess in Hinduism. The name “Shailputri” literally means shail (mountain) putri (daughter)

She is the daughter of “Parvat Raj Himalaya” the King of Mountains and a reincarnation of Goddess Sati the pure form of goddess Parvati and thus worshipped on the first day of Navratra. Some of her other names include – Sati, Bhavani, Parvati and Hemavati.  Due to her status among all nine forms of the divine Goddess, she is worshipped on the first day of Navratra.  

According to ancient Indian scriptures, all goddesses are manifestations of Goddess Mahadevi – the mother of all, who is comparable to both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu – the Para Brahman (“Supreme Brahman”) who is beyond all descriptions and formless and eternal (present everywhere and in everything). Vaishnavas consider her to be Lakshmi, Shaivas consider her to be Parvati, Durga, and Mahakali, while Shaktas consider her to be Durga, Tripura Sundari, Bhuvaneswari, and Kali. Many ancient religious texts like the Garuda Purana, Bhagavata Purana, and Lakshmi Tantra refer to Lakshmi as Mahadevi or Prakriti, the perfect creation.

Maa Shailputri’s abode is the city of Kashi, Varanasi which has a very ancient temple which is frequented by devotees who want their wishes to be fulfilled. A general belief is that Maa Shailputri solves all the problems in the married life of devotees. 

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The background story:

As per legend, Prajapati Daksh the father of Sati decided to perform a yagya. He invited all gods and goddesses, but deliberately omitted Lord Shiva. Sati was quite sure that this was a genuine mistake and that her father would definitely invite her husband. She was anxious to attend the Yagya ceremony but Lord Shiva refused as it would not be proper for them to go there without a formal invitation. However when she insisted. Lord Shiva allowed her to go alone and kept insisting again and again. Sati initially did not agree, but later agreed to go when Lord Shiva gave his permission

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When Sati reached her father Prajapati Daksh’s palace she felt sad to see that no one was giving her the respect and love she used to get. Except for her mother, all her friends and relatives tried to avoid her, while her sisters made fun of her husband Lord Shiva. Even Daksh himself did not miss an opportunity to insult him. Sati had never expected this and could not tolerate the insult so she immolated herself by jumping into the fire of the yagya. Daksh had never imagined that Sati would take this extreme step and was filled with remorse. Meanwhile, as soon as Lord Shiva was furious when came to know about this extinguished the flames of the yagya which reminded him of the sorrow and pain of his wife Sati’s unnatural death. The story goes that many years later Sati was born again as the daughter of Himalaya who named her Shailputri.

Navratra Worship

Goddess Shailputri is worshipped on the first day of Navratra Mahaparva. It does not take much effort to worship Goddess Shailputri. Here are 10 simple steps to do so.

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  1. Wake up in Brahma Muhurat
  2. Take bath, and meditate  
  3. Clean the house.
  4. Establish a pedestal (chowki) and clean it with Ganga water.
  5. Place a red cloth on the pedestal and install a picture or idol of all forms of the supreme Goddess.
  6. Vow to keep fast after worshipping Maa Shailputri
  7. Offer white-coloured clothes and flowers to Maa Shailputri.  
  8. Offer sweets made from cow’s butter/ghee
  9. Light a lamp of ghee
  10. Perform Mata’s aarti  

Governing Planet

It is believed that the Moon, the provider of all fortunes, is governed by Goddess Shailputri and any bad effect of the Moon can be overcome by worshipping this form of Adi Shakti.


Goddess Shailputri’s mount is Nandi, the bull of Lord Shiva. Because of this, she is also known as Vrisharudha. Goddess Shailputri is depicted with two hands. She carries Trishul in her right hand and the lotus flower in the left.

Favourite Flower

Jasmine (chameli)

Mantra/ Chant

ॐ देवी शैलपुत्र्यै नमः॥

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Om Devi Shailputryai Namah॥

Greetings divine mother Shailputri. Please accept my prayers

Prayer / Prarthana

वन्दे वाञ्छितलाभाय चन्द्रार्धकृतशेखराम्।

वृषारूढां शूलधरां शैलपुत्रीं यशस्विनीम्॥

Vande Vanchhitalabhaya Chandrardhakritashekharam।

Vrisharudham Shuladharam Shailputrim Yashasvinim॥

I salute the Goddess who has a half a moon on her head for the attainment of the desired object

The illustrious daughter of the mountains riding on a bull and wielding a trident


या देवी सर्वभू‍तेषु माँ शैलपुत्री रूपेण संस्थिता। नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमो नमः॥

Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Maa Shailputri Rupena Samsthita।

Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namah॥

The goddess is situated in the form of Mother Shailputri in all beings. “Obeisance to her, Obeisance to her, Obeisance to her!”


वन्दे वाञ्छितलाभाय चन्द्रार्धकृतशेखराम्।

वृषारूढां शूलधरां शैलपुत्रीं यशस्विनीम्॥

पूणेन्दु निभाम् गौरी मूलाधार स्थिताम् प्रथम दुर्गा त्रिनेत्राम्।

पटाम्बर परिधानां रत्नाकिरीटा नामालंकार भूषिता॥

प्रफुल्ल वन्दना पल्लवाधरां कान्त कपोलाम् तुगम् कुचाम्।

कमनीयां लावण्यां स्नेमुखी क्षीणमध्यां नितम्बनीम्॥

Vande Vanchhitalabhaya Chandrardhakritashekharam।

Vrisharudham Shuladharam Shailputrim Yashasvinim॥

Punendu Nibham Gauri Muladhara Sthitam Prathama Durga Trinetram।

Patambara Paridhanam Ratnakirita Namalankara Bhushita॥

Praphulla Vandana Pallavadharam Kanta Kapolam Tugam Kucham।

Kamaniyam Lavanyam Snemukhi Kshinamadhyam Nitambanim॥

I salute the Goddess with a half a moon on her head for the attainment of the desired object

The illustrious daughter of the mountains riding on a bull and wielding a trident

Gauri is like the full moon, standing at the root, first Durga, with three eyes.

She was dressed in silk cloth and decorated with a crown of gems and ornaments of her name

The blossoming salutation, the lips of the petals, the lovely forehead, the tug breasts.

The young lady beautiful with a lovely face and emaciated waist and hips


प्रथम दुर्गा त्वंहि भवसागरः तारणीम्।

धन ऐश्वर्य दायिनी शैलपुत्री प्रणमाम्यहम्॥

त्रिलोजननी त्वंहि परमानन्द प्रदीयमान्।

सौभाग्यरोग्य दायिनी शैलपुत्री प्रणमाम्यहम्॥

चराचरेश्वरी त्वंहि महामोह विनाशिनीं।

मुक्ति भुक्ति दायिनीं शैलपुत्री प्रणमाम्यहम्॥

Prathama Durga Tvamhi Bhavasagarah Taranim।

Dhana Aishwarya Dayini Shailputri Pranamamyaham॥

Trilojanani Tvamhi Paramananda Pradiyaman।

Saubhagyarogya Dayini Shailputri Pranamamyaham॥

Charachareshwari Tvamhi Mahamoha Vinashinim।

Mukti Bhukti Dayinim Shailputri Pranamamyaham॥

First Durga, you are the savior of the ocean of death.

I salute you O daughter of the mountains bestower of wealth and opulence

For you are the mother of the three worlds, the giver of supreme bliss.

I salute you O daughter of the mountains bestower of good fortune and health

For thou art the goddess of all beings, the destroyer of great delusions.

O daughter of the mountains I salute you bestower of liberation and enjoyment


ॐकारः में शिरः पातु मूलाधार निवासिनी।

हींकारः पातु ललाटे बीजरूपा महेश्वरी॥

श्रींकार पातु वदने लावण्या महेश्वरी।

हुंकार पातु हृदयम् तारिणी शक्ति स्वघृत।

फट्कार पातु सर्वाङ्गे सर्व सिद्धि फलप्रदा॥

Omkarah Mein Shirah Patu Muladhara Nivasini।

Himkarah Patu Lalate Bijarupa Maheshwari॥

Shrimkara Patu Vadane Lavanya Maheshwari।

Humkara Patu Hridayam Tarini Shakti Swaghrita।

Phatkara Patu Sarvange Sarva Siddhi Phalaprada॥

May Omkara, the inhabitant of the root, protect my head.

May Maheshwari in the form of seed protect Himkara on my forehead.

May the beautiful Maheshwari protect my face.

May the saving power, the self-oil, protect the heart with the shout.

May Phatkara, bestower of all perfections and fruits, protect all my limbs.


शैलपुत्री माँ बैल असवार। करें देवता जय जय कार॥

शिव-शंकर की प्रिय भवानी। तेरी महिमा किसी ने न जानी॥

पार्वती तू उमा कहलावें। जो तुझे सुमिरे सो सुख पावें॥

रिद्धि सिद्धि परवान करें तू। दया करें धनवान करें तू॥

सोमवार को शिव संग प्यारी। आरती जिसने तेरी उतारी॥

उसकी सगरी आस पुजा दो। सगरे दुःख तकलीफ मिटा दो॥

घी का सुन्दर दीप जला के। गोला गरी का भोग लगा के॥

श्रद्धा भाव से मन्त्र जपायें। प्रेम सहित फिर शीश झुकायें॥

जय गिरराज किशोरी अम्बे। शिव मुख चन्द्र चकोरी अम्बे॥

मनोकामना पूर्ण कर दो। चमन सदा सुख सम्पत्ति भर दो॥

Shailputri maa bail asavaar. karen devata jay jay kaar. shiv-shankar kee priy bhavaanee. teree mahima kisee ne na jaanee. paarvatee too uma kahalaaven. jo tujhe sumire so sukh paaven. riddhi siddhi paravaan karen too. daya karen dhanavaan karen too. somavaar ko shiv sang pyaaree. aaratee jisane teree utaaree. usakee sagaree aas puja do. sagare duhkh takaleeph mita do. ghee ka sundar deep jala ke. gola garee ka bhog laga ke. shraddha bhaav se mantr japaayen. prem sahit phir sheesh jhukaayen. jay giraraaj kishoree ambe. shiv mukh chandr chakoree ambe. manokaamana poorn kar do. chaman sada sukh sampatti bhar do.

O mother Shailputri riding a bull. Even Gods worship you॥

Dear Bhavani of Shiv-Shankar. No one should know your glory.

Parvati, you should be called Uma. Those who remember you get happiness.

May you grant Riddhi Siddhi. Have mercy, make me rich.

You look sweet with Lord Shiva on Monday. The aarti which performed for you.

Worship his true hope. Remove all sorrows and troubles.

By lighting a beautiful lamp of ghee. By offering food to Gola Gari.

Chant the mantra with devotion. Bow your head again with love.

Hail Girraj Kishori Ambe. Shiv Mukh Chandra Chakori Ambe.

Make my wish come true. Always fill the world with happiness and prosperity.

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