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Pjur serums acts within 15 second

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Pjur -Made in Germany is today not a mere label but a style statement. When it comes to matters of love and pleasure during those special moments, pjur knows best. pjur has a product that’s just right for every sensual situation, no matter how wild your imagination. pjur brand is synonymous with quality the world over.

Pjur group manufactures and markets high end luxury health and body care products in more than 50 countries across five continents. Its range today comprises of more than 40 products in six different categories: lubricants and massage, condoms, stimulation, stamina, fetish and hygiene. pjur’s innovative and exclusive products guarantee – pure, no frill attached enjoyment and sensation.  pjur’s trailblazing innovations include the first delay spray without any lidocaine or benzocaine, double effect body glides and delay condoms to prevent premature ejaculation.


The premium lubricant manufacturer pjur is launching as many as three innovative and exciting new products: pjur superhero delay serum, pjur Back Door Anal Comfort Serum, and pjur analyse me! Anal Comfort Serum. Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are a hot topic all over the world, and many customers are specifically looking for products that are more natural rather than pharmaceuticals. That is why pjur decided to launch the superhero serum. But also many people ask for products that reduce the sensitivity of the anal area – without numbing effects. This is exactly the focus of the other two new serums.

The pjur serums form an invisible, neutral film on the skin, which reduces sensitivity, but not sensation – and that too without any numbing effect! These have enabled pjur to completely dispense with anesthetics. The protective film on the skin reduces the sensitivity like a shield. Unlike other products that take 15-20 minutes to take effect, the effect of pjur serums are noticeable within only 15 seconds and last for several hours!

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The new pjur superhero delay serum supplements the highly successful pjur superhero series, which included a lubricant, a spray and condoms. The gel enhances smoothness and provides a desensitizing film around the penis, reducing sensitivity without numbing. It is just the thing that men would like to use to make their sexual enjoyment last longer. Being lidocaine and benzocaine free- it is safe for daily use.

The pjur Back Door and pjur analyse me add to the anal serum add to the Company’s existing range of anal products. The pjur Back Door Serum is suitable for more impulsive anal intercourse. Both the products form a protective film on the skin to reduce sensitivity – without using anesthetics like lidocaine and benzocaine! These new products can create an experience that becomes particularly intense for both partners are also safe with condoms, and suited for daily application.

In addition to the 100ml bottle for the pjur lubricants, the pjur serums now come in 20ml bottles, equipped with pump dispensers. This allows easy and precise dosage of the product with its gel-like consistency. The product descriptions and instructions for use on the outer packaging are provided in eight languages.

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