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Meghalaya – unfolding the roadmap for infrastructure development  

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The expansion of a state’s physical capabilities is essential to that state’s economic health. The growth of infrastructure not only aids in the expansion of agricultural production but also stimulates industrialization, promotes free commerce, and expands occupational opportunities.

Physical infrastructure, such as transportation, power, and communication, facilitates economic growth through its backward and forward linkages. According to research conducted by the World Bank, it has been discovered that a one per cent gain in GDP is accompanied by a one per cent increase in infrastructure spending in many different nations.

Meghalaya administration is aware of the correlation that exists between the development of infrastructure facilities and overall economic growth; as a result, they accorded a high level of importance to the expeditious growth of infrastructure from the very beginning of the First Plan. Because of this, there has been a remarkable growth in the number of infrastructure facilities located inside the state.

The strong foundation of infrastructure that was constructed in the early years of planning may be ascribed to both the high economic growth rate that has been attained in recent years as well as the success of the new economic reforms. For instance, the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly project has been in the planning stages since 2001 but has not made any forward in almost 20 years since it was first proposed. The proposal was brought to the attention of the Hon’ble CM after the establishment of the MDA administration in the year 2018.

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The government has been working on a war footing. Despite the significant challenges posed by the pandemic, the construction of the project started in June 2019 and is in its concluding stage. It imprints the pride of Meghalaya on the national landscape while imagining the cultural legacy of Hill State. In addition, it has been proposed to spend an additional 150 crores to develop ten district administration complexes. The government has also recommended allocating 120 crores for the construction of the infrastructure of the block offices.

Metbah Lyngdoh, Speaker, Meghalaya Legislative Assembly said, “Construction of the new Assembly building at Mawdiangdiang which was initiated by the then Speaker, Late Dr Donkupar Roy and was also finalised after the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) Government came to power in 2018 after a long delay. The construction of the building which commenced in June 2019, is progressing well despite the loss of completion time due to the pandemic. The new Assembly building is expected to be inaugurated this year. I believe The Meghalaya Legislative Assembly at Mawdiangdiang will envision the cultural heritage and pride of our beloved State.”

The development of new infrastructure will be of great assistance in accelerating the state’s overall pace of population expansion. In addition to this, a well-developed infrastructure will also motivate younger people to explore new possibilities. The recently launched Shillong IT Park will realize the dreams of the young people who graduate from the state’s educational institutions. It has already produced 1,500 jobs and has the potential to generate an additional 3,000 jobs, which will result in a reduction in the out-migration of competent young people looking for employment in other states.

By mid of this year, it is anticipated that a similar industrial incubation and youth centre will open in Tura. The Tura Incubation and Youth Centre is dedicated to fostering new businesses in the surrounding area and facilitating job possibilities. In addition, the government has given its approval to many projects for the establishment of a variety of cultural and athletic centres. One of the examples of such endeavours is the PA Sangma sports complex, Tura, which has a seating capacity of 10,000 people, is a sports infrastructure of global level for holding national and international championships and has been constructed recently.

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It will be beneficial for the promotion of athletics and sports in the Garo Hills Region and throughout the state of Meghalaya as a whole. JN sports complex and indoor stadium, JN sports complex and outdoor stadium, Wahiajer multi-sports complex, and Shillong International Centre for Performing Arts and Culture (SICPAC) are some of the other examples.

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Additionally, the government has been working towards the improvement of the infrastructure in the hotel industry. Vivanta by Taj (Crowborough) Hotels have been inaugurated and the Courtyard by Marriott is expected to be inaugurated soon, owing to the determined leadership of the government. The addition of these two hotels would bring an enormous boost to the tourist business in the state.

Meghalaya has an ideal location advantage for South-East Asia Market. The neighbouring countries of India viz Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar have been involved with the state for business and commerce. It has a huge potential to reach other South Asian countries as well. Meghalaya is also geographically rich in minerals and has the potential for industrial setups based on these mineral resources. Above all the Meghalaya Industrial Policy is framed for the ease of doing business and increase trade and commerce. The added advantage being the climate in Meghalaya is good for the development of electronic chips.

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