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Medals for Police Training Institutes

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In a major boost to Police Trainers and Training Institutes the Ministry of Home Affairs has decided to award “Union Home Minister’s Medal for Excellence in Police Training” and “Award of Union Home Minister’s Trophy to the best Training Institutions”.

The medal and trophy will be awarded every year on Republic Day in the States/UTs and Raising Day or Anniversary of the Central Armed Police Forces/Central Police Organisations. The inaugural year’s Medals and Trophies under this Scheme will be awarded on the occasion of 26th January, 2016.

As per the scheme, each year a total of 167 (114 for States & UTs and 53 for Central Armed Police Forces) Medals will be awarded to Trainers of Police Training Institutes of States and Central Armed Police Forces. Each State will have its quota of medal as per its sanctioned strength. Along with a medal, the trainer will be rewarded with a cash prize of Rs.25,000/- and a certificate/scroll signed by Union Home Minster. Number of Medals will be reviewed every 3 years or whenever there is a major change in the strength of the force.

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The objective of institution of the Union Home Minister’s Medal for Excellence in Police Training is to recognize the importance of training and the trainers in police organizations and make training a respectable assignment and to promote the quality of training in police training institutes in the country.

Besides, there will be six Trophies for Police Training Institutions in the country, three for the CAPFs/CPOs training institutions and three for the States/UTs Police training institutions.

There will be three categories of the Trophy viz. Best Training Institute for the training for Gazetted Officers, Best Training Institute for the training for Non-Gazetted officers and Best Training Institute for the training for Other Ranks (Constables).

A running Trophy will be presented to the winning Institution in each category as a token of encouragement along with a cash prize of Rs. 25 lakh as Grant in Aid. The head of the Trophy winning Institution of all categories will be awarded Union Home Minister’s Disc.

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