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Manipal ProLearn offers Certification Program in Cloud Computing

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Manipal ProLearn is offering a certification program in Cloud Computing to provide professionals and students with a thorough knowledge of Cloud Computing Technology using Microsologo_3ft Azure as a platform.

Over the next decade, nearly two-third of all computing is expected to shift to the cloud, leading to a huge demand for Cloud Computing professionals. Those who complete this program will know how to add the power of Cloud Computing to iOS, Android and Windows Phone Platforms.

The three-month online course spans 120 hours of learning through live online sessions and webinars with industry experts. Along with e-learning content and program videos accessible anytime and anywhere, the program also has self-assessment exercises at the end of each module to help students gauge their learning. The program is delivered through EduNxt, the award-winning education platform.

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The program is delivered to the students by a faculty body that comprises some of the best in the industry, with an average experience of over 15 years in Cloud Computing. Apart from concept videos featuring industry experts and contemporary reading material, the unique experiential learning model also includes webinars where an expert will discuss projects and clarify student queries.

“Cloud computing is not just a buzz word today,” says Ramabhadran A. P., Sr. Vice President, Manipal Global. ”Think of a library with millions of books…now think of how will you buy these, from where, where will you store these books and how will you sort them so that a reader can access it easily. Now multiply the information in these books by a billion times over and that’s the amount of data that is available on the internet or simplistically put the “cloud”. Do we have enough skilled people who can enable us to manage information in a data overload world?

The cloud computing market in India alone is expected to reach $4.5 billion by this year, and it is estimated to create over 2 million job opportunities. At Manipal ProLearn our role is to skill people to meet this huge industry demand. We are already seeing thousands of hits on our site for the cloud computing program reflecting the inherent demand for this area,” he adds.

Some of the key benefits of the program are:

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  • In-depth knowledge of Cloud Computing concepts and Microsoft Azure features
  • Learn how to design and implement the various types of cloud services – laaS, PaaS and SaaS
  • Get an industry recognized certificate in Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure from Manipal ProLearn on successful program completion
  • Develop skills by practicing the various concepts explained through concept videos, webinars and case studies

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