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Homeopathy: popular & effective cure or false promises?

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A German Physician called Dr. C.F.S. Hahnemann discovered Homeopathy in the 18th century. It is now the second most popular system of medicine worldwide and is considered to be the medicine of the future because Science still doesn’t know much about how these medicines act and many of the scientists, despite excellent clinical results claim it to be the placebo or fake medicines. They do not study in depth how and why a chronic disease gets cured forever.

“Similia Similibus Curentur (Let Similar Be Cured By Similar)” is the basic principle of Homeopathy which means a disease condition is cured by a medicine that can create a similar disease if given to a healthy person as Homeopathic medicines are tested on healthy humans only.

Here the most important fact to mention is, that Homeopathic medicines are tested on Physically, Mentally & Emotionally  HEALTHY HUMAN BEINGS, not animals. because mice, monkeys, and rabbits, etc. can’t be compared with human beings in terms of Mind; thoughts, ideas, feelings & emotions, known to be at the root cause of a disease.

Homeopathic Medicines are Energy Medicines or NANO medicines, even much beyond Nanoparticles. They range from material to energy form. The drug substance used (minerals, plants & animal sources) to prepare the medicine is so much diluted and dynamized or potentized that it can’t be detected by any modern scientific method after its 24th dilution or power (for example Ars 30, where 30 is the power of medicine which means it is 1030 times diluted of original Arsenicum album used to prepare the drug). Basically at this much dilution and even up to the highest dilution of 10100000  the original crude drug substance is reduced to its pure ENERGY form and dispensed in either Alcohol, water, or sweet pills of milk/cane sugar. Now, to non-scientific people it may be a fake or placebo medicine but those who can understand the concept of Matter and Energy being inter-convertible, can easily understand that only medicine that is in energy form can actually reach the root cause of a disease, the emotions, which are actually altered energy patterns, nothing else. We need a medicine that is comparable, in form, with emotions. Now we know that Emotions are energy patterns and most of our diseases are PSYCHOSOMATIC (mind-affecting body).

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Being so dilute, undetectable, and existing in energy form, they act on the root cause of the disease process, the mind, not the body. The emotions of fear, anger, grief, hatred, jealousy, etc are nothing but energy forms producing their different effects on the body. Material doses of modern medicine, the chemicals, just try to balance the body chemistry produced by altered (pathological) emotions. These altered emotions are just translated into body chemistry producing altered chemicals (the Enzymes & Hormones), causing altered function, of the disease.

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Dr Sanjay Jindal
Dr Sanjay Jindal
Dr. Sanjay Jindal is a Homeopathic Physician & Counselor as well as Translator/Editor of Scientology books. He is also working on Educational Counselling for better and effective Self Studies of students to handle learning stress.


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