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Commercial EV company, EKA unveils its first electric bus- EKA E9

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EKA, an electric vehicle manufacturing & technology company, and a subsidiary of Pinnacle Industries, launched its newest 9-metre zero-emission pure electric bus, EKA E9. The E9, EKA’s first battery electric bus, features a new streamlined vehicle design, maximized power & range due to its monocoque stainless steel chassis and complete composite structure. With a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) lower than existing Internal Combustion engine powered buses, EKA E9 promises to deliver sustainability and profitability to all stakeholders.

The bus was unveiled at the hands of Aaditya Thackeray, Minister of Tourism, Environment & Protocol, Govt of Maharashtra, and Dr. Sudhir Mehta, Chairman, EKA & Pinnacle Industries Limited at The Pune Alternate Fuel Conclave (AFC), an initiative of the Government of Maharashtra, organised by Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) and Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB), in association with Maratha Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA).

With the launch of E9, EKA is committed to providing a solid platform for sustainable and efficient public transport in cities around the world, along with reliable and profitable operations for customers. As customers are moving to electric vehicles, EKA’s E9 pure electric bus provides a uniquely designed, optimized, indigenous product made in India with innovative monocoque stainless steel chassis that ensures best in class corrosion-free life, low noise, and vibrations, refined composite bus body design and an emphasis on safety, profitability, efficacy, reliability & performance.

EKA E9 comes with both front and rear air suspension with ECAS. With 2500 mm width, 31+D +Wheelchair (equipped with wheelchair ramp), the bus offers ample space for passenger (seating + standing) movement. The low entry / exit steps are ergonomically designed with kneeling features with lowest 650 mm floor height, making them extremely comfortable & accessible for the elderly, children, women & specially abled passengers. The enhanced ergonomics in driver’s cockpit, auto-drive feature, power-assisted with tilting and telescopic steering and all in one central console, provides riders and drivers with a smoother riding experience.

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By far, the most aesthetically designed commercial vehicle, EKA E9 features a smiley front layout, stylish waver side panel and bigger glasses for panoramic views, giving it a more welcoming & futuristic appeal. EKA E9 is powered by an electric motor that generates maximum power of 200 KW and torque of 2500 NM, offering faster acceleration, more horsepower, greater traction power, industry-leading reliability, along with 17% gradeability to can tackle any terrain and a regenerative braking system.

With an advance chemistry powerful Li-Ion battery suitable for city operation, the battery system is safe, durable, and efficient. EKA E9 is also equipped with a vehicle control unit software designed in-house, with an integrated strategy for vehicle features.

Given the lightweight stainless steel monocoque chassis, the bus boasts phenomenal structural strength & durability, the composite body panels being rust-free, unlike traditional buses. EKA E9’s best in class safety features include Front and Rear Disc Brakes with EBS, CCS2 protocol fast charger, 4 Cameras, Emergency stop button, Fire extinguisher, Automatic Driver assistance system (ADAS). Designed with lowest centre of gravity, EKA E9 ensures stability at high speeds and turns and is easy to drive in the crowded and congested city traffic.

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Speaking at the launch, Dr. Sudhir Mehta, Chairman, EKA & Pinnacle Industries Limited, highlighted, “Electrification of commercial vehicles, public transport, especially the bus sector, is key to India’s decarbonization strategy. Today, we are excited to launch our first electric bus EKA E9, to empower cities to achieve their zero-emissions targets. Our buses are designed & optimized to provide the best ride experience, cleaner environment, and best returns to the customers. With the new EKA E9, we offer a global platform for clean, efficient, and profitable public transport to meet the rising demand on important markets that are ready for the shift to electromobility.”

EKA is a subsidiary of Pinnacle Industries, India’s leading automotive seating, interiors & speciality vehicles company, and is one of the only commercial vehicle manufacturers approved under the Champion OEM Scheme & EV component manufacturing scheme of the Government of India’s Auto PLI policy.EKA is reinventing the design philosophy and manufacturing of electric commercial vehicles by developing sharable technologies, to democratize EVs with best-in-class TCO (total cost of ownership) Solutions and a sustainable ecosystem. EKA will design, manufacture, and supply a complete range of Electric Vehicles, Fuel Cell Electric vehicles, and alternative fuel vehicles. The brand will also house components assembly and manufacturing, EV traction systems, EV energy storage systems, etc., going forward.

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