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Burger King all set to paint Japan red

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red burger

Fast food giant Burger King known for its never say die attitude is not afraid to experiment.

Burger King outlets in Japan are going to come up with a range of bright red burgers called “Aka Burger” (“aka” or 赤 means “red”).

Basically the two varieties of  “Aka Burger”  will comprise Aka Samurai Chicken and Aka Samurai Beef.

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The Aka Samurai Chicken will cost 540 yen ($4.36), while the Aka Samurai Beef will cost 690 yen ($5.57).

Each burger comes drowned in red hot angry sauce made from miso and hot peppers.

Burger King Japan will be using Tomato powder to give color to its buns.

Last year Burger King introduced a black burger with black buns and black cheese called ‘Kuro Shogun’. It had all-black buns, black cheese, black sauce and was topped up with deep-fried eggplant.

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The black burger was well received as black colored foods are popular in Japan.

The success of the black burger made Burger King introduce a 30-centimetre black hot dog.

The Black Terra Hot Dog had black buns and black sausage.

Why is fast food chain experimenting so much belies reason as the fast food major is known to experiment less with colors and more with type of food.

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Burger King has over 90 retail outlets in Japan.

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