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Ravindra Vasisht

Ravindra Vasisht is Regional Director – India, of a global MNC. An engineer by profession and PG in Rural Management he has over 35 years of experience in various industries like Food Processing, Automotive, Healthcare, Electronics, Electrical, Defense, Plastics, Composites & Natural gas. His personal interests include Economics, Defense, Politics, and Strategy.

Latest Articles

Ukraine Russia war : the present, past and future scenario

An aggressor has only limited advantage as the first mover in any war. The course of war and result are not in their hands. From a purely military standpoint, when and how the war will end is anybody’s guess.

Air India: will the Maharaja get back to business?

Air India had a sense of humour, a cheekiness, it was as iconic as the Amul moppet and their cheeky branding. If the new Air India team can recreate that old magic, they can beat the global airlines and again become a leader, the pride of India and the preferred airline to travel on.