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Gp Capt (Dr) DK Pandey

Group Captain DK Pandey is a senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Air Power Studies (CAPS). He served in IAF for more than three decades and retired as Director, Joint Control and Analysis Center. He was also Director of Air Staff Inspections and was commended by CAS and AOC-in-Cs of Western Air Command and South Western Air Command. He commanded six Air Defence (C&R) Units and undertook AD operations in the Western, J&K and NE sectors. The views expressed are his own.

Latest Articles

NISAR – the world’s most expensive Earth imaging satellite

ISRO & NASA are collaborating to construct the NISAR an Earth observation satellite. NISAR will cover the entire planet and give geographical data in 12 days.

Pakistan military alone can help resolve the economic crisis

Pakistan Army has a stake in several industries, which is a closely guarded secret. Hence it is impossible to estimate the net worth of its business empire

Hypersonic missiles taking warfare to the next level

On 19 Feb 22 Russia test-fired its latest hypersonic missile to demonstrate its military might. China too has developed next-generation hypersonic missiles with heat-seeking technology. China and Russia are not the only players which have shown interest in Hypersonic Missiles. USA, China, Russia and North Korea are conducting trials to ensure a high kill probability using hypersonic missiles.