Why do people love but don’t fear Hanuman # 1

Bajrangbali Hanuman is a loyal servant who likes to sit at the feet of Lord Ram his master. He has supernatural, powers but doesn’t boast or call himself the ultimate God. He can reach anywhere in the shortest possible time or fly – even without a special vehicle, helicopter or spacecraft. Even Sun one of the superhot (10,000 degrees F) stars in the Solar System, Shani Dev (Saturn -the most dreaded planet and incarnation of Lord Vishnu) or Yamraj the Lord of death don’t maintain a distance from him. He can lift a mountain even without a lift or multiple hands. He carries a weapon – but to protect and does not harm anyone, without a reason. These are a few things why this beloved devotee of Lord Rama, is a popular God who is worshipped all over the world as a symbol of strength and energy.