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Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Neeraj Mahajan

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    • NASA finds biologically useful Nitrogen on Mars [...]

    • Schools are pushing sale of property in Pune [...]

    • One-third of Milky Way stars have changed orbits: Study [...]

    • Why is female breast so attractive? [...]

    • Digital infidelity is the leading cause of marital discord [...]

    • Petitioners village in China-where the rule of law does not exist-1 [...]

    • How Onion makes hair grow faster & prevents aging? [...]

    • NASA’s new experiment to understand Mars [...]

    • Blood pressure medications could lead to stroke [...]

    • The imam is a controversial concept in Islam [...]

    • CNG can help travel long distances in India [...]

    • Bank Frauds: Nothing is immoral or unethical [...]

    • Doctors in Distress [...]

    • Medical profession is a slave of the ‘for-profit’ healthcare system [...]

    • DTC buses: Doing the Best with half – the equipment, manpower and resources [...]

    • “An income tax officer who always managed to get into trouble” [...]

    • The people’s bureaucrat [...]

    • Indian writer: ISIS has defamed Islam the most [...]

    • Gen Jacob’s last interview before his death [...]

    • I’d rather be ahead of time than be outdated: Filmmaker Meghna Gulzar [...]

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    • Radesh Singh – the first Sikh to contest for a general seat in Pakistan [...]

    • Balochistan: where assets are the main weakness [...]

    • ED attaches Jaganmohan Reddy firms’ property worth Rs.47 crore [...]

    • Islam, Jihad, and Terrorism [...]

    • Jammu and Kashmir-will there be hope or just hype [...]

    • Socio-religious polarisation – a new ploy to break India apart [...]

    • The day Pakistan betrayed Balochistan – first swore by the Quran and then went back on its words [...]

    • The lionhearted judge who does not tolerate any hanky-panky [...]

    • Confused ‘Baba’ and his not so hidden political ambitions [...]

    • AAP to take action against Yadav, Bhushan [...]

    • Gen Rommel – the desert fox [...]

    • A better Prime Minister – Nehru or Patel? [...]

    • Chief Justice of India who doesn’t own a car [...]

    • Heads I win; Tails you lose- mathematical equations that influenced polling in Gujarat [...]

    • What makes PM Modi Angry? [...]

    • Why Nations Fail? [...]

    • Gen Jacob’s last interview before his death [...]

    • The man who got promoted for ruining MMTC [...]

    • Shatrughan Sinha and the two women who shared his life [...]

    • Negative politics -a dangerous trend [...]

  • Columnists & Analysts

  • Gen V P Malik

    AVSM, PVSM (Retd) Former Chief of Army Staff

    Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat

    AVSM, PVSM (Retd) Former Chief of Naval Staff

    Lt Gen Vijay Oberoi

    PVSM, AVSM, VSM (Retd) Former Vice Chief of Army Staff

    Lt Gen Dr N S Mallik

    PVSM (Retd) Former Deputy Chief of Army Staff

    Lt Gen P N Kathpalia

    PVSM, AVSM (Retd) Former DG Military Intelligence

    Deo Dutta,

    IAS (Retd)

    T R Kakkar

    IPS (Retd) Former Delhi Police Commissioner

    Rashida Hussain

    IRS (Retd) Former DG National Academy of Customs Excise & Narcotics

    Niranjan Desai

    IFS (Retd) Former Ambassador, Indian Foreign Service

    Maj Gen Afsir Karim

    AVSM (Retd) Former member National Security Advisory Board

    Maj Gen B K Sharma

    AVSM, SM (Retd) Head Centre for Strategic Studies & Simulation

    Dr P M Nair

    IPS (Retd) Former DG National Disaster Response Force

    Col Mahesh Khera

    Vijay Sanghvi

    Political Commentator

    Kavaljit Singh

    Director, Madhyam Research Centre

    Dr Kamal Mahawar

    Senior Consultant, Inderprastha Apollo Hospital

    Dr Rachna Khanna Singh

    HOD Psychology & Holistic Medicine, Artemis Hospital

    Prof Kamal Mitra Chenoy

    School of International Studies, JNU

    Dr Robinet Jacob

    School of Tourism Studies, Kerela

    Dr Satish Mishra

    Senior Fellow, Observer Research Foundation

    Lokesh Madan

    MD, Seedfund Capital

    Joydeep Gupta

    Director, South Asia, Third Pole

    H O Srivastava

    ADG Doordarshan

    Deepak Manchanda

    Associate Director, First Touch Solutions

    Dr Henry Shepherd

    Former Pro Vice Chancellor Sam Higginbottom Institute of Ag Engg & Tech

    Krishna Gopal Mishra

    Management Consulting, IIT Kanpur

    Surinder Verma

    Citizens Awareness Group

    Prof. Priyadarsi Mukherji

    India : strength, challenges, opportunities and threats

    Lt Gen K K Aggarwal, AVSM, SM, VSM (Retd.)

  • Vox Populi

  • “Yoga calms me down. It’s a cheerful session, a workout, and meditation, basically all in one!” – Jigyasa Singh – Delhi

    “To perform every action inwardly is yoga.” – Chinmaya Shah – Nainital

    “Yoga is the best task, and i love performing it daily.” Aakash Hingorani – Mumbai

    “Yoga is all about controling the inner self ” – Charu Sharma – Chandigarh

    “Surya Namaskar is the only yoga i do” – Songja Engti Kathar – Guwahati – Assam

    “Yoga gives me inner peace. Yoga accepts my evil” – Kritika Kalia – Delhi

    “My soul is my God, and yoga helps me pray” – Balpreet Kaur – Punjab

    “Yoga is like a forest, one can easily be lost in the bliss” – Anchit Sagar – Tamil Nadu

    “I am not a yogi, but i love doing shav aasan” – Pooja Chatterjee – Kolkata

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