CNG can help travel long distances in India

Agility India P. Ltd. an Indian subsidiary of California, USA based Agility Fuel Solutions created a big splash in the Indian mobility and transport market recently when it unveiled clean, eco-friendly, long-range Type IV Composite CNG Cylinders for the first time in India. These cylinders are not only 70% lighter than the Type – I steel cylinders currently being used in India but also provide more storage capacity on-board to cover approximately 800- 1000 KM per fill. However despite fulfilling an inherent need in the Indian market it belies reason why the Indian industry and OEMs are taking so long to implement the new technology that can not only save costs but also revolutionize long distance travel and reduce the long queues at the CNG filling stations due to higher capacity and less frequent need to refill. Agility Fuel Solutions, Regional Director Ravindra Vashisht speaks his mind in an exclusive interview to Taazakhabar News