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About Us:

If you are looking for exclusive, objective and unbiased – news, views and analysis from India and the world, you have landed at the right place.

Exclusive, objective, unbiased and in perspective – news, views, features and analysis from India & the world

We bring you exclusive, objective, unbiased and in perspective – news, views, features and analysis from India & the world, on Politics, Business, Health, Crime, Legal, Consumer Affairs, Arts and Entertainment.

Taazakhabar News is read by users around the globe who like to focus and catch up with events, issues and developments politics, economics and a myriad of other topics that touch all of our lives in India and the World.

Audiance local, orientation global:

While our news portal is based in the India, our focus is global. We reach out to an aware and thinking class of people who are opinion leaders in their segment and have a global perspecctive.

Since its launch in 2014, Taazakhabar News has pursued a balanced approach while reporting or analysing global events. Our editorial staff and contributors write about the world with a focus that is global and weighed down by self-interest or agenda for their specific country or region.

Our contributors range from journalists, government officials, policy-makers, students, academics, political pundits and analysis

We cannot be omnipresent like God:

Even at this moment there is a war, a terrorist attack, tornado, earthquake, famine or flood happening in some part of the word – we cannot be present everyware.

Editorial policy:

We are not a daily newspaper and hence do not cover day to day incidents like so many people died today in a road accident or building collapse. All this coverage is time bound and meaning less the next day.

We do stories with a longer shelflife, perspective and insight — that readers may like to read even six months from today



Editor & CEO                                                   NEERAJ MAHAJAN

Executive Editor                                              VIJAY SANGHVI

Photo Editor                                                     RAVI BATRA

Chief Reporter                                                 RAMESHWAR PAWAR


CONTACT: editor@taazakhabarnews.com

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